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1. FUD Virus setup support:
  • We have a lot of experienced people in our team to deliver the best quality work for you through Teamviewer or Anydesk.
  • We offer 1month setup of Rats | Botnets | Keyloggers | Exploit, and much more! If you order a product above $300 the setup will be completely free.

2. Hosting:

  • The most important thing is Anonymous and Encrypted code, our code are fresh and always hit inbox.
  • We offer 1month setup of, Attach Link | Courier Delivery Service Website | RDP | VPS | SSH | Root | VPN

3. Leads | Emails list:

  • Our leads are verified and zero bounce, it takes within 24hrs after payment to deliver becuase we don't resell and only fresh extracted linkedin and shopping dump site leads.

4. Tutorial:

  • We are have lots of expierence in this sector and we have a team full of highly trained people with lots of skills. Learning will be through Teamviewer or Anydesk.
  • How to Setup Rat's | KeyLogger's | Botnet's
  • How to Extract Fresh Leads
  • How to Build Unlimited SMTP | Mailer | Webmail
  • How to Hack 1-30 Cpanel | Shell per day
  • How to Hack 1-30 RDP | VPS per day
  • How to Code FUD Inbox Letter
  • Private Spamming Method
  • Crypto Hacking
  • How to use Mailer | Sender | Script | Cpanel| Shell | Letter | Redirect links

5. Website Clone :

  • We can clone any website
  • Email service providers website
  • Shopping website
  • Payment platform like banks
  • Dating website
  • Courier Service website
  • Customized website

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